Motivated or Inspired – What’s the difference?

Do you try to motivate people at work.. motivate your family.. your kids.. your friends..? What a difference it would make to inspire them.. How do you inspire those around you..? Do you try to motivate for selfish reasons.. or do you inspire for the good of all of you..? It’s quite a subtle difference […]

1mm off… How to Get Absolute Certainty – the Tony Robbins way

One man believes he can.. another believes he can’t.. and yet both of these men are right. There is only 1 millimetre between the 2. You are only 1mm away from absolute certainty.

Happiness & The Law of Attraction

People have been practicing the law of attraction for decades because it really works. Beneficial thoughts and law of attraction go hand in hand. Probably you have noticed how people who seem to have it all are laid back and carefree. That is because they allow positive things to come into their lives by not blocking those possibilities with negative thoughts.