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Purpose & Intent – Darren Wagstaff

Is it Love that tells you You Can?

They say Love conquers all.. This story of Dick Hoyt and his son Rick Hoyt is so moving, is so inspiring that it makes all moans and groans about the challenges in life seem completely insignificant and minute.

When a family can believe in the limitlessness of what they can do and accomplish and won’t accept anyone telling them they can’t.. honestly brings a tear to my eye.

Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own

Do you consider yourself small or do you allow yourself to be as big as life intended?

All that’s needed is a little inspiration. This video is inspired by the life and works of Jim Rohn.

Trying Fresh New Ways – Steve Nash

Do you feel you waste your time?

Do you try different things and fresh new methods?

Steve Nash (the basket ball player) has an approach to life and sport where he does not just stay where he’s at. He try’s new things, stretches himself, keeps everything fresh and takes full responsibility for doing that.

Finding Clarity and Purpose

“Life will pay whatever you ask of it.”

Clarity is power, the more you’re brain knows what it is looking for it will go for it.

So becoming clear on what is most important to you you give yourself the opportunity to align yourself wholly towards what you want.

Ask yourself intelligently, and ask of life intelligently.