1mm off… How to Get Absolute Certainty – the Tony Robbins way

One man believes he can.. another believes he can’t.. and yet both of these men are right. There is only 1 millimetre between the 2. You are only 1mm away from absolute certainty.

Is Your Life Guided By The Power Of Your Decisions

Will you decide to take the step to live your vision? Will you decide to use that power which is within you to be all you can be.. not just for yourself, but for your children and all those that meet you..?
Your life, your destiny is shaped by the power of your decisions.. Are you going to use your power of decision consciously or not.

Tony Robbins – If you’re in tough times – how to get motivated

Being in a slump.. or at least feeling like you’re in a slump.. does not have to be your overpowering emotional state. With right emotional retraining and re-framing you can thrive and grow.