The pain of changing yourself – Nido Qubein

Does all change come from within? Does all improvement come from some form of change?

Do you hold yourself back through some form of fear on one level or another?

Why does change have to be a scary thing?

Getting what you want – Finding a Mentor like Jack Canfield

This is such an insightful video for getting and becoming what you want.

We all have mentors in one way or another. Firstly it’s our parents, an authority figure you look up to and follow and admire. The it’s your primary school teacher. The it’s Britney Spears on TV 🙂 (or whoever you admire).. Most of this is unconsciously molding us.

Do you have blockages that hold you back?

Do you seem to bump into invisible blockages in your life?

Something that’s holding you back but some reason or other you just can’t see what it is.

Other just to seem to glide through it without issue or problem, but for you it’s a different story.