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Fun – Darren Wagstaff

Tony – To What Lengths Do You Go For Your Kids?

Tate Donovan stars in this George Clooney-produced film about recovering a child’s lost teddy bear.

We all go the extra mile for our kids.. This short movie sponsored by Liberty Mutual just says it all.

Volcano’s – Do your tragedies have a funny side?

It’s all over the news (mainly in the UK) the effects of this Icelandic Volcano. Some see it as a tragedy.. but some see it as an opportunity to see the lighter side and find an opportunity to smile and laugh.

I don’t know about you but my life seems to be littered each week with things that appear to be tragedies at first look on the surface.. Like a bloody Volcano stuffing up my flight to Tenerife for a bit of sun on my shiny head..

How To Not Get Smacked By A Cricket Bat When You Communicate?

Do you find that people just don’t understand what you’re trying to say? Does it seem like you’re an alien speaking a foreign language? Do your interaction back fire on you from time to time and you just don’t know why?
This amusing video shows what communicating is like for me sometimes.. but there is a simple solution for not getting smacked by a cricket bat…